Our Treatment philosophy

Regional interdependence(RI)
+ 3R

We strongly align with our treatment philosophy: Reset, Reinforce, Relaod.


The first thing we concern is differentiating between biochemical and biomechanical problems. 
WE will choose from our long list of skill the optimal MANUAL INTERVENTION THAT HELPS you to improve mobility or motor control with mainly passive participation.

NOW we have a window of opportunity.


What we do then is to protect the reset.

we do lifestyle management and offer conservative advice.

Two ways to do that—Both protective and corrective measures.

Protective measures keep you from getting worse, but may not make you better.
Corrective measures actually work toward helping you foster or start the reset process yourself.



Reloading is therapeutic exercise.
where we actually teach exercise and look for a pattern or a part of a pattern to reinstate motor control.

Is treatment painful?

All of our treatments shouldn’t hurt and is completely safe. As pain is a alarming system from our brain to us, no pain should be experienced during stretching, deep tissue work and exercise.

Temporary soreness could be felt during deep muscle release/ acupuncture treatment, but they should resolve within hours.

The whole experience should be pleasant and cheerful.
Enjoy to see you soon.


Can eliminate my pain for good?

Pain is a defence mechanism that our bodies use to restrict motion and alert us to a problem.  

In the vast majority of situations, physiotheraspy + applied neurology can help to eliminate pain permanently.

We will guide clients in steps they can take to stay pain-free in the future by correcting the patterns and motions that originally caused the pain.

However, if severe structural injuries is found, we would refer our client to specific medical specialist for necessary medical interventions.

Can’t I do the exercises on my own?

In most cases, your therapist will give you corrective exercises for you to do on your own in between your treatment sessions. This is to maintain the treatment effect and continous reinforce new movement pattern. One of the most common mistakes people make is to refrain from doing their exercises once they no longer have pain, but returning to old habit with faulting movement pattern is prerequisite to reinjury.

What to expect on the first visit?

Ro‘I Rehab’s treatment session is designed to treat you as an individual.

A full assessment of your condition will take place on your first appointment. Together with the client, the therapist will set realistic and achievable goals. Your therapist will begin by making a full treatment plan for your rehabilitation program and make a schedule of appointments.


How frequent and how long?

Every situation is different.
Some clients need no more than two or three visits to be completely cure . However, some clients such as aged population or repetitive overuse injury may need up to 6-8 visits to be completely cure. The ultimate goal of our treatment is to facilitate autonomy and eliminate the need for a client to see them.

This means they need to provide professional and effective treatment that ensures a long-term solution to a client’s problem.


What do we treat?

The list of treatments we can treat is almost endless. Here is just a small list of conditions that Ro’I Rehab can benefit.

Neurological; acquired brain injuries, concussions, Parkinsons, muscular schlerosis, spinal cord injuries, stroke survivors.

Musculoskeletal; Back, neck, shoulder, knee.

Repetitive strain; Carpal tunnel, tendinitis, tennis and golfer’s elbow.

Postoperative; Total knee replacement, total hip replacement, back surgery, heart surgery.

Pediatric; Movement disorders, developmental delays, mucular dystrophy, cerebral palsy, patellofemoral syndrome.

Sports injuries; ACL, MCL, knee, back, concussions.

Women’s health; Pregnancy issues, urinary incontinence and lymphedema.

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